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UAE presents its environmental efforts at international forum in Bali

The Parliamentary Division of the Federal National Council, FNC, stressed that the UAE has prioritised climate change, which is considered a global challenge, since its establishment and it has launched several initiatives in recent years with a vision to reduce carbon footprint and protect the environment. 

This was part of the working paper of the UAE Parliamentary Division presented by FNC Member Jamal Mohammed Al Hay during his participation in the World Parliamentary Forum on Sustainable Development that started on Wednesday in Bali, Indonesia. The UAE Parliamentary Division called for immediate action to combat the dangers of climate change and natural disasters in all countries. It also sought inclusion of measures related to climate change in the national and international policies, strategies and plans. 

The UAE Parliamentary Division stressed that the country is committed to reducing the implications of climate change within the framework of its international efforts. The state has formulated several strategies and plans in its efforts to deal with the issue. Some of its measures include the development of the first plan to combat climate change in the region based on the 2021 vision and the UAE strategy on green development and innovation to promote the goal of economic diversification adopted by the country, they added. 

It will also promote transformation into new knowledge-based sectors, and continue its commitment to climate change issues without affecting new economic and social opportunities within and outside the country. Hence, the UAE will host the headquarters of the International Agency for Renewable Energy, IRENA, the first international organisation specialised in renewable energy and the first of its kind to establish its headquarters in the Middle East

It also underlined the country’s major role in implementing the Paris Agreement. Its first regional goal is based on renewable energy, which has significant economic and environmental importance. 

Indonesian Parliament Speaker Setya Novanto inaugurated the World Parliamentary Forum on Sustainable Development by welcoming the participating delegations and thanking them for their interest in the sustainable development issues of 2030. He highlighted the importance of coordinating international efforts to achieve the development goals. 

The participants discussed ways to end violence and the negative impact of conflicts in ensuring sustainable development. They also addressed the issue of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and the ethnic cleansing being practised against them as well as the necessity of international action against the Myanmar government. 


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