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Why Casinos are investing in Clean energy

Gambling and green energy usually do not go hand in hand. In Vegas as well as in Macau, you will see massive gaming floors complemented by even bigger hotels. And that is not all – modern-day casino resorts also feature retail shop and even residential developments, which add to gambling’s carbon footprint.

And still, the need for greener forms of gambling has never been greater – global temperatures have risen dramatically in recent years, making it pivotal to try and avoid inflicting any further damage on the environment. 

Interestingly enough, those involved in the gaming industry—both players and operators—have created an eco-friendly movement for everyone to follow. What eco-friendly methods does gambling employ to reduce its negative impact on the environment and, more importantly, can it go fully green?

Online Gambling – Better For The Environment? 
Given the fact that going to a casino is terrible for the environment, some experts say it is better to play casino games in mobile casino sites. Usually, gamblers have to travel to get to a casino by car, bus or train, etc., which greatly increases the carbon footprint of your hobby. What is more, not all casinos have eco-friendly programs, so the venue you are visiting might have a negative impact on the environment of its own.

But you can change all that by simply playing online, researchers say. Today, there are many casinos on the web. Moreover, gambling sites are strictly regulated and their software is tested on a regular basis as well. As a result, most online casinos are 100% legitimate and fair, so you need not worry. Still, it is always advisable to check for licenses and certificates before playing at an online casino. 

Measures Taken By Land-Based Operators
As you know, land-based venues employ colossal amounts of electricity in order to operate. In addition, they also use enormous amounts of water, and more. Another thing is, casinos work 24/7, so there is a huge demand for eco-friendly measures.

Leading operators have already started to employ various green measures to reduce the negative impact their venues leave on the environment. To begin with, some venues are considering building modern venues using eco-friendly materials. Experts recommend using recycled timber, slate, marble, and stone for such constructions. But some operators go even farther and use eco-friendly casino furniture. Some designers specialise in the manufacture of green casino furniture, built from recycled materials. 

Many operators emphasize on the need to save water as well as use sustainable energy, so a number of them have installed a recycled water system and solar panels. Moreover, an increasing number of operators already relies on Eco lighting, which helps to save energy. Many operaotrs use energy-efficient LED lighting in their establishments. 

Heating is another concern of eco-friendly casino operators. As you know, operators need to provide enough heat for all guess to feel comfortable, but if excess heat is not collected, it will tremendously increase the carbon impact of venues. Concerned operators deal with the problem by collecting excess heat and using it to power generators or heat water. 

Will Vegas Go Fully Green?
If you are concerned about the impact your local casino has on the environment, just think about Vegas’s impact on the environment. Not only are venues in Vegas excessively big, but also an enormous amount of visitors chooses to travel to Vegas by air. And with so much going on in Vegas, we believe the site will not disappear as a tourist attraction.

Even though Vegas is no longer the world’s gambling capital, it is still considered the home of the gambling industry. And yet, less and less Vegas visitors choose to gamble there. And not without a reason – online gambling has become prevalent and players no longer need Vegas to gamble.

Even though the number of visitors in Vegas casinos has decreased, it has not disappeared completely. Curiously, concerned land-based operators have decided not to turn a blind eye on the environment and they utilise various strategies to reduce their negative impact on the environment. Below, we will discuss two Vegas establishments and their eco-friendly strategies. 

Aria Resort & Casino Las Vegas
Located just 2.2 miles from the McCarren International Airport, Aria Resort & Casino Las Vegas is considered one of the greenest establishments in Vegas. The venue is registered by the U.S. green building counsel and has a 5 star Eco green key rating. Aria Resort & Casino Las Vegas uses water faucets and has various recycling programs. In addition, the establishment recycles all leftover food, card boards, and frying oils. 

Element Las Vegas Summerlin
Element Las Vegas is located not far from the Summerlin community. The establishment has water efficient faucets installed, and the kitchen equipment consists of energy efficient appliances only. Element Las Vegas Summerlin features waste disposal programs and even the walls of the venue are painted with eco-friendly paints. 



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