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Why Companies Must Lead the Movement to Go Green

More and more, today’s consumers are taking a hard look at the companies they patronize—from how they treat their employees to how they safeguard the environment. So, going green, which often also means saving money in the long run, can make your company more attractive to current and potential customers.

Let’s look at some of the ways you can go green and make your company stand out.

Waste Management

The first obvious answer is recycling. However, this means more than collecting cans and paper. Disposing of waste costs money, so the more you can find a way to donate or reuse, the less you’ll spend on throwing out the old. Effective waste management can include everything from paper and cardboard to outdated electronics.  Waste management companies are out there that can help your business streamline recycling and reduce the cost of waste disposal.

Energy Conservation

One of the most significant areas where going green makes sense is in energy use. Today’s technology brings increased demands for power, so it makes sense to use utility tracking software to see where you can cut down on energy use. If you’re working with older computer technology, it might be time to consider updating to newer, more energy-efficient computers, printers, and copiers. Powering down equipment or putting it into “sleep” mode when not in use is another way to reduce energy use. One side benefit to increased IT use is the ability to go paperless. Your company saves money on the front and back by reducing paper purchases and disposal costs.

Adding solar panels might be one way to reduce costs, along with techniques as simple as switching to LED lighting and motion sensors that automatically turn off lights in areas not being used.

Improved Employee Health

Thinking about expansions or renovations? Take a look at low-emission building materials. This includes things such as ceiling materials, flooring, and wood products used in construction. Looking for materials that contain fewer chemicals brings savings in better air quality and improved working conditions. Similarly, switching to green cleaning products can help employees who suffer from a variety of respiratory ailments.

Public Perception

Business has the power to be an advocate for social change. In 1926, Ford Motor Company became one of the first major U.S. companies to offer workers a 5-day, 40-hour workday. Today, businesses taking initiatives to go green and protect our environment will win similar public approbation. Along with that may come increased sales and/or an expanded customer base, as socially conscious consumers choose to support companies whose practices mirror the customers’ beliefs.


Perhaps the best argument for why business should lead the way to go green is the most basic one of all: conserving natural resources. Cutting down on energy consumption reduces the size of a company’s carbon footprint. Going paperless conserves the trees so necessary to reducing greenhouse gases. Natural cleaning products and low-emission building materials improve indoor air quality—all achievable goals for businesses willing to make small changes that can have a lasting impact.


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