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Xeros to supply UAE with near-waterless commercial washing machines

Xeros Technology Group plc, the UK-headquartered technology business and innovator of a near-waterless laundry system, announces the supply of 32 near-waterless washing machines to Encom Trading LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Electro RAK, a leading UAE-based infrastructure services company and the appointed partner in the UAE to Hydrofinity, Xeros’ cleaning technologies brand.

Electro RAK intends to roll out the Xeros machines in premium hotels in the UAE. The first shipment will be made to Dubai during September.

The Xeros solution marks an unprecedented step forward for the commercial laundry industry, replacing water with its reusable XOrbTM technology to deliver up to an 80% reduction in water use and material reductions in both energy and detergent, whilst delivering a superior cleaning result and extended linen life.

The UAE faces critical water management challenges, given the inherent scarcity of groundwater and growing pressure on desalination and wastewater infrastructures. In 2018, the country’s Environment Agency warned that useable groundwater is expected to be fully depleted within 55 years at current rates of use.

Despite this undersupply, the UAE has one of the highest per capita water consumption rates in the world. As a result, the cost burden of future-proofing the country’s water infrastructure has led to growing tariffs for businesses and residents.

This agreement follows the recent shipment of 16 near-waterless washing machines to the Cape Province region of South Africa.

Mike Ferrand, Managing Director of Xeros’ business unit, Hydrofinity, said: “Against the regional backdrop of water scarcity, our near-waterless technology offers material sustainability benefits to customers in Dubai and, in due course, across the UAE.

“We are ideally placed to help commercial customers significantly reduce water consumption and make material utilities cost savings, thereby delivering a positive economic and environmental impact.”

N. Zakkir Hussain, Managing Director of Electro RAK, said: “We see huge potential demand for Xeros’ technology in Dubai and across the UAE region as pressure continues to grow on water resources. Water preservation is something that now has a place at the top of the public agenda in the UAE, and we look forward to supplying Xeros machines to hotels, initially in Dubai, who will not only see their operating costs reduced but will also lower their impact on the environment. We are delighted to have partnered with Xeros on this exciting initiative.”


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