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Xposure, Zooms in on Global Environmental Issues

As photography takes a leading role in telling some of the most inspiring and powerful stories around the world, Xposure, Sharjah’s first international photography festival, is to use its world-leading photography platform to bring award-winning photographers from around the world to share their inspiring stories on global environmental issues.

The upcoming edition of the festival, organised by Sharjah Government Media Bureau and taking place on November 22 – 25, 2017 at the Expo Centre Sharjah, will spark a region-wide engagement and inspiration, educating visitors against a variety of ecological threats, such as global warming, marine pollution, land degradation and desertification, as well as natural disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes.

Paul Nicklen and the SeaLegacy Foundation

World-class environmental photographers participating this year will include Canadian photographer, biologist and conservationist Paul Nicklen. Paul aims to instill among visitors emotional values on our current ecological system, in light of several natural disasters and extreme weather changes resulting from global warming.

The award-winning photographer from National Geographic has won over 30 global awards from numerously acclaimed establishments, including the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year and the prestigious World Press Photo for Photojournalism. His unique and inspiring pieces of work will be on display for sale throughout the festival, with 100% of the profits to go to SeaLegacy Foundation, one of the world’s leading and biggest environmental establishments, making its grand debut in Sharjah at Xposure 2017.

SeaLegacy is a world-leading visual platform for inspiration and education on the protection of the world’s oceans. The foundation is expected to draw some of the strongest attention towards environmental sustainability, thanks to its host of photography and film documentaries, produced and directed by leading artists around the world.

It is a collective of some of the most experienced and renowned photographers and filmmakers, who are all members of its programme, called “SeaLegacy Collective”. Members of this programme are fully dedicated and committed to spreading the foundation’s core objectives and message, which is the communication and awareness on the protection and conversation of the world’s oceanic ecosystems through the most magical and captivating visual illustrations.

Jodi Cobb to share her inspiring journeys and expeditions

One of the most leading environmental photographers around the world, contributing to the growing concerns on environmental issues highlighted at Xposure 2017, is the award-winning and one of the leading former photographers at National Geographic, Jodi Cobb.

Jodi’s expertise comes from her specialty in large-scale, global stories exploring, such as 21st-century slavery, and has worked in more than 50 countries, primarily in the Middle East and Asia. She was one of the first photographers to cross China travelling 7,000 miles (11,000 kilometres) in two months, documenting some of the greatest wonders and discoveries during her trip. She was also the first woman to document the lifestyles of Bedouin women in Saudi Arabia in 1987, and the first to be named White House Photographer of the Year.

Cristina Mittermeier to lead issues on our eco-system

Cristina Mittermeier, also an award-winning photographer from Mexico, will introduce her take on environmental responsibility through her visual teachings on the cultures of man and nature, and the importance of protecting wildlife ecologies to sustain their biodiversity, and to protect indigenous communities across numerous natural habitats.

Mittermeier has dedicated her life to creating thousands of images through a series of photography expeditions across more than 100 countries, with her work most notably published in National Geographic. She was recognised as one of the world’s top 40 most influential outdoor photographers by Outdoor Magazine, and was granted “Nature’s Best/Smithsonian Conservation Photographer of the Year Award” in 2011, as well as the “North American Nature Photographer’s Association Mission Award” in 2010.

Brent Stirton and his snaps on climate change

Participating from South Africa is Brent Stirton, one of the world’s most renowned environmental photographers, most notably known for his work in directing “Virunga National Park in Conflict” and being crowned the “Wildlife Photojournalist of the Year” for three consecutive years by the Natural History Museum in the UK. Stirton will focus his exhibition on shedding light on various environmental matters, such as sustainability, health and climate change.

Through Marcus Bleasdale’s lens of how conflicts are affecting nature

Marcus Bleasdale, a documentary photographer who uses his work to influence policy makers around the world, will bring his 18-year experience documenting some of the world’s biggest conflicts and their negative impact on human lives and the environment.

The Human Rights Watch and the National Geographic magazine were Marcus’s biggest supporters which published numerous of his works with the aim of supporting his quest to search for sources to finance the battle against these conflicts. Bringing his work during his time in the Sierra Leone, Liberia, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Somalia, Chad, Darfur, Kashmir and Georgia, Marcus will be holding a seminar during Xposure 2017, exhibiting a large gallery of images.

A leading storyteller and Senior Editor from National Geographic to make her debut at Xposure 2017

Sharing her story on wildlife protection and conservation is Kathy Moran, National Geographic magazine’s first senior editor for natural history projects. With over 300 stories published by Moran during her time at National Geographic, she has documented and published numerous stories on wildlife conservation, with one resulting in the creation of Gabon’s national park system in Africa.

David Hall’s take on natural beauties from the forests of the world

Introducing his unique imageries highlighting natural beauties behind the forests’ sunsets and sunrises, as well as the different types of trees that exist in the wildlife, David Anthony Hall aims to take visitors on an environmental journey through his talented panoramic photographic technique.

Xposure 2017 will bring together a galaxy of renowned photographers and international and local experts to share their experiences with photography enthusiasts. The four-day event will include 26 photo exhibitions across different venues in Sharjah and Dubai. 

The 2017 edition will see a gathering of 31 of the world’s most celebrated photographers and industry experts, and the launch of a photo fair giving collectors, buyers and the public the opportunity to buy some of the exhibition works by acclaimed artists.

This year’s Xposure is also introducing a new initiative to support regional talent and emerging photographers to have their work displayed on the same platform as the globally acclaimed photographers, by adding 53 display panels.

The festival will also host 25 seminars, lectures and live-stage events that aim to reveal the incredible power and influence of photographs in transcending linguistic barriers and geographical boundaries.

XPOSURE 2017 is organised by Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGMB). To learn more about the festival, agenda, seminars, workshops and other events, audiences can visit and social networking platforms by using #xposurexpf.


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