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Yprintit.com - New Green Technology
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Yprintit.com - New Green Technology

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Can you image how many business cards are printed in a year? YPrintit is an app that was developed to reduce the amount of printed products; which of course will reduce the amount of damage to the environment.

YPrintit is a new free app and social networking platform for iPhone and Android. It’s roots lie in a goal to promote green technology. As an application and networking platform, YPrintit allows you to create unlimited numbers of virtual business cards and share them with others from phone to phone through the use of QR Codes, and changes you make to your card are reflected in what your contacts see instantly.

YPrintit is a full-featured electronic business card and social networking application. Incorporating the use of QR Code technology, it was first introduced as an iPhone QR App, and now recently as an Android QR app as well. QR-Codes (Quick Response) are an increasingly popular two dimensional bar code data storage technology which allows for the encoding of a large amount of data into a “bar code type” pattern that also permits the rapid transfer of data from one QR enabled device to another.

“YPrintit is a natural progression” says a company spokesperson. “There will always be a need for print products and value in the utility that they provide. YPrintit however is an idea whose time has come. The widespread use of smart phones makes YPrintit an ideal solution to the many drawbacks inherent to the use of traditional printed business cards. It is a model that just makes sense.” he adds. YPrintit is indeed, in addition to other things, a new type of business card, but significantly more powerful in so many ways, while at the same time eliminating many of the typical weaknesses inherent to a traditional printed business card.

The Yprintit application is in fact a full fledged social and business networking tool. A simple interface accessible both from your mobile device and from the web allows a user to create an unlimited number of digital virtual business cards by choosing from over 1500 professionally designed business card templates. You can even convert your existing business card to a YPrintit QR Card. All of a user’s unique cards are stored in their YPrintit profile, and with the new version scheduled to be released soon, you’ll also be able to add digital media such as images, audio and video, truly taking business cards to a higher dimension. “QR seemed to be the perfect fit for what we were trying to accomplish. This really is a great QR Code app.” says the spokesperson.

The YPrintit app automatically creates a unique QR code for each digital card a user creates, which not only stores a user’s information, but also acts as the mechanism by which a user “hands out” a card. Picking up a card is as simple as snapping a photo of a QR code with your mobile device camera. Once someone has your card they can pass your card to someone else, who would grab your card by taking a photo of your QR code.

You can update your contact information, change the look of your card, or add new information to your profile which is instantly reflected to all the contacts in your network. Your contacts never have outdated information in their hands. In addition, you won’t have to spend money printing new cards. “As soon as you make a change to your card or profile, everyone has your new information. It’s really fantastic. And the soon to be released version will allow the attachment of media files, and integrate with existing social networks“, the spokesperson added. “I’d like to add” said an associate “Accessing the same database from the web or from your mobile phone also allows for peace of mind. You don’t worry about losing your phone and all of your contacts and other important information. All of your data is safely stored in your web profile”.

Apart from the obvious social networking and business connectivity advantages of using this free app, YPrintit also helps the environment by reducing dependency on paper cards, whose production consumes natural resources like trees and produces toxic waste and pollutants that harm the environment. Additionally, the use of electronic business cards like YPrintit makes business practices more efficient, since the cards are digitally stored and transferred. One-touch access including email, calling, and SMS also work right from the face of the card on your touch screen. Further, using electronic cards saves money since they’re free and infinitely reusable, and can be modified, stored, created, shared and transferred without limit – features not possible with paper cards.

The App can be downloded for free, here.

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