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Honda to Release All-New Accord Hybrid in Japan
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Honda to Release All-New Accord Hybrid in Japan

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Honda Motor Company has announced that it has released the all-new Accord Hybrid in Japan. Featuring the revolutionary new Sport Hybrid i-MMD powertrain, the Accord Hybrid offers refined driving worthy of a premium sedan and ultra-high fuel economy of 30.0 km/L.

Accord Hybrid EXzoomAccord Hybrid EXAccord Plug-in HybridzoomAccord Plug-in Hybrid

Based on the Accord Hybrid, the Accord Plug-in Hybrid can be charged using an ordinary household electrical outlet. Delivering spectacular fuel economy of 70.4 km/L, the advanced plug-in hybrid system allows drivers to do most of their daily driving in EV mode. Also set for release, the Accord Plug-in Hybrid will be available for lease, primarily to corporations and government agencies.

The all-new Accord Hybrid features Sport Hybrid i-MMD (intelligent Multi-Mode Drive), a revolutionary Honda-developed powertrain. This advanced hybrid system belongs to the Earth Dreams Technology series of next-generation powertrain technologies, which combine enjoyable driving with outstanding fuel economy.

Sport Hybrid i-MMD uses three different engine modes to power the Accord Hybrid. For off-the-line starts and low- to mid-speed cruising, EV Drive uses the battery to provide power and the drive motor to propel the vehicle. For acceleration, Hybrid Drive uses the gasoline engine to generate electricity and the drive motor to propel the vehicle. Finally, for high-speed cruising, Engine Drive uses the gasoline engine to provide power directly. By switching automatically among these three modes, Sport Hybrid i-MMD is able to deliver fuel economy of 30.0 km/L, making the Accord Hybrid competitive with high-fuel economy mini-vehicles. In addition, the drive motor is able to produce maximum torque in off-the-line starts and Sport Hybrid i-MMD offers powerful acceleration performance and a completely new driving feel along with a smooth, comfortable ride and exceptional quietness.

Also leveraging the power of Sport Hybrid i-MMD and its high-output, high-torque drive motor, the Accord Plug-in Hybrid features a newly developed plug-in hybrid system with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery. At full charge, this battery allows the vehicle to travel up to 37.6 km in EV mode, making EV driving possible for a wide range of daily uses. Beyond the EV driving range, the Accord Plug-in Hybrid offers the same efficient cruising as the Accord Hybrid, turning in spectacular combined fuel economy of 70.4 km/L.

Sport Hybrid i-MMD

Featuring a simple structure, this hybrid system comprises a newly developed exclusive gasoline engine; an electric CVT enclosing two motors (drive and generation) and a clutch directly linked to the gasoline engine; and a lithium-ion battery that efficiently stores regenerated electricity.

The system automatically selects among three drive modes to maximize efficiency at all times. The result is best-in-class acceleration responsiveness and ultra-high fuel economy. The three drive modes are as follows:

- EV Drive

For off-the-line starts and normal cruising, the battery provides power to the drive motor, which propels the vehicle. During deceleration, this motor serves as a generator to regenerate electricity from kinetic energy.

- Hybrid Drive

For acceleration, the gasoline engine operates in its high-efficiency rpm range to turn the generation motor. This electricity flows to and turns the drive motor. When more powerful acceleration is needed, electricity from the battery combines with electricity from the generation motor to provide maximum torque instantaneously. The result is smooth, powerful acceleration.

- Engine Drive

For high-speed cruising on the highway, the clutch in the transmission directly links the output axis of the gasoline engine with the drive axis of the vehicle. This mechanism makes possible high-speed cruising at the optimal gear ratio and highly efficient operation of the Atkinson cycle engine.

Key features of the Accord Hybrid and Accord Plug-in Hybrid

1. Exhilarating, refined, advanced sedan - re-envisioned from the frame up

The design offers a roomy interior worthy of a premium sedan while helping the advanced hybrid system achieve ultra-high fuel economy.

- Exterior design:
The styling reflects the formal dignity of a sedan, while inward curvature toward the front and rear helps control airflow along the sides of the vehicle. The result is outstanding aerodynamic performance that contributes to ultra-high fuel economy.

- Interior design:
The V layout of the front and rear seats enhances the interior, offering the rear occupants a pleasant field of view. The driver has easy access to the information-rich meter array. The interior is a comfortable and pleasant place to be.

2. Body frame contributing to high fuel economy, exceptional quietness and refined driving

The high-precision body responds flexibly to loads and vibration to help offer a ride that is easy on the senses. In addition to ultra-high fuel economy, it helps deliver the exceptional quietness expected of a premium sedan and the linear handling characteristic of the Accord.

3. Exceptionally comfortable ride and responsive, precision handling

Sport Hybrid i-MMD supports both ultra-high fuel economy and a powerful but smooth driving experience. Further highlighting these performance characteristics are linear handling and a comfortable, even ride.

The suspension and related parts have been made even more lightweight, while a large number of new technologies contribute to outstanding handling and ride comfort. In fact, the handling is so light and the ride so smooth that the additional weight of the hybrid system battery is hardly felt.

The electric servo braking system is a next-generation regenerative braking system originally developed for the Fit EV. Honda has further refined this system and now applied it in a production vehicle for the first time. Vastly superior to previous systems, it is able to convert a much higher amount of kinetic energy into electricity during deceleration. In addition, it offers the refined braking feel expected of a premium sedan while effectively supporting the function of Hill Start Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)(5) and the newly enhanced Collision Mitigation Brake System (CMBS).

4. Advanced safety performance featuring new CMBS and E-pretensioners

The body structure featuring Honda's proprietary G-Force Control Technology (G-CON), Pedestrian Injury Mitigation Body, side airbags with a newly developed structure and other safety technologies are designed to mitigate damage in the event of an accident.

The newly enhanced Collision Mitigation Brake System (CMBS) is designed to warn the driver when a collision is likely and help reduce impact through automatic braking inputs when a collision is imminent. Whereas the previous system operated only when the vehicle was moving at a rate of 15 km/h or higher, the new system operates in the wider range of 5 km/h or higher. In addition, the new system is designed to sense a difference in speed with the vehicle ahead and initiate braking inputs to prevent collisions.

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