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September 18, 2019   

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Unilever to drive the sustainable beauty movement in the Middle East

Love, Beauty and Planet aims to reduce its carbon footprint by 20% for a greener, more sustainable planet.
Jumbo Electronics launches series of Green Initiatives

UAE retailer expects to cut down on usage of paper by 1 million tons a year.
DHL Express introduces recycled eco-uniforms

DHL Express introduces recycled eco-uniforms as part of Corporate Social Responsibility in the region.
UAE Date Palm Trees can help reduce Carbon Emissions

Satellite imagery is proving crucial in helping the environment.
Green News
World Ozone Day: What is carbon footprint? 7 ways to reduce your planet-killing contribution
Can UAE reach its carbon footprint goals?
How GPs can reduce their carbon emissions
San Francisco Becomes First US City to Make Big Buildings Go Green
NGO, Saving Our Planet, Aims 10-Point CO2 Reduction Plan at UNFCCC New York Action Summit
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The Solar Economy: Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Global Future
Hermann Scheer

The global economy and our way of life are based on the exploitation of fossil fuels, which not only threaten massive environmental and social disruption through global warming but, at present rates of consumption, will run out within decades, causing huge industrial dislocation and economic collapse. Even before then, the conflicts it causes in the Middle East and elsewhere will be frighteningly exacerbated. The alternative exists: renewable energy from renewable sources - above all, solar. Substituting renewable for fossil resources will take a new industrial revolution to avert the worst of the damage and establish a new international order.

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Go Green An Ekotribe Initiative has 2,444 Green Stories, 149 Green Product Reviews, 8018 Green News Headlines , 387 Organisations in the Green Directory, 392 Green Book Reviews, 478 Green Videos, 205 Green Tips and 1757 Go Green Ambassadors in 117 countries.
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