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How Bad Are Bananas?: The carbon footprint of everything

How Bad Are Bananas?: The carbon footprint of everythingMike Berners-Lee
We always hear the same old green advice : fly less, turn the thermostat down, drive a hybrid car. But what about all the other things we buy and do? Part green-lifestyle guide, part popular science book, How Bad Are Bananas? is the first book to provide the facts we need to make carbon-savvy purchases and lifestyle decisions. It also helps put things into perspective with entries for the big things (bushfires, volcanic eruptions and the Iraq war) as well as the little things (newspapers, sending a letter, a pint of beer). This book is packed full of surprises ? a plastic bag has the smallest footprint of any item listed, while a block of cheese is fairly bad news for the climate - and continuously informs, delights and engages the reader.

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Reporting Live from the End of the World

Reporting Live from the End of the WorldDavid Shukman
Reporting Live from the End of the World tells the extraordinary adventures of the BBC?s world-roving environment correspondent. Wonderfully written in a style somewhere between Bill Bryson and Shukman?s book is insightful, engaging and often very funny.These are insights from the real news frontline, and David Shukman tells science like a story.

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Cool it: The skeptical environmentalist's guide to global warming

Cool it: The skeptical environmentalist's guide to global warmingBjorn Lomborg
Global warming has become one of the permanent concerns of our time, with ever stronger calls to combat it via drastic programs, like the Kyoto Protocol. In this highly controversial book, Bjorn Lomborg (author of the bestselling The Skeptical Environmentalist) claims that the arguments for such action are little more than scare mongering and exposes this wide range of disinformation. Global warming is happening. It s a serious and important problem and we need to deal with it in a responsible way. But in order to do so effectively, Lomborg argues we need to look at the cost and benefits of the proposed measures against global warming. He demonstrates that drastic, here-and-now measures is the worst way to spend our money. Climate change is a 100-year problem we should not try to fix it in 10 years. This important book explodes myths and places the global warming debate into a broader view.

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Heaven And Earth: Global Warming - The Missing Science

Heaven And Earth: Global Warming - The Missing ScienceIan Plimer
This is an extraordinary book of great breadth and scholarship in which Ian Plimer, Professor of Mining Geology at the University of Adelaide, Australia, sets out to address the central question in the debate about climate change: are the observed fluctuations in the global climate over the last one hundred years or so due primarily to natural changes or are they human induced; and, if human induced, whether atmospheric concentrations of CO2 from burning fossil fuels is the primary cause.

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Unbowed: My Autobiography

Unbowed: My AutobiographyWangari Maathai
Wangari Maathai was born in 1940 in rural Kenya and went on to become the first woman from Eastern and Central Africa to gain a PhD in 1971. Over 30 years later, she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her contribution to sustainable development, human rights and peace. In her own words, Maathai tells the story of her journey from rural Kenya, through the ivory tower and on to the murky waters of Kenyan politics during the oppresive regime of Daniel Arap Moi. There are detailed accounts of how her conservation group (the Green Belt Movement) was born and rose to prominence, and the many times she had to face brutal government repression as she stood up for the environment and human rights.

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Animals on the Edge: Reporting from the Frontline of Extinction

Animals on the Edge: Reporting from the Frontline of ExtinctionChris Weston and Art Wolfe
Animals on the Edge is the most up-to-date visual survey of our worlds rare and endangered mammals, featuring stunning photographs of 60 mammals on the latest IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Chris Weston and Art Wolfe are among the finest wildlife photographers at work today, and passionate advocates of wildlife conservation, while the International Union for Conservation of Nature IUCN is the global authority on the status of animal and plant species worldwide. Animals on the Edge combines spectacular imagery with a wealth of factual information, engaging narrative, and an impassioned message.

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