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A Field Guide to Buying Organic

A Field Guide to Buying OrganicLuddene Perry
In each section, the authors offer quizzes for readers to pinpoint the concerns that drive their choices: health, economic, environmental, social or culinary. Readers whose main motivation is to safeguard health may be surprised to learn that some organic products don't have clear advantages over conventional ones, while those who seek the freshest, best-performing products may be inspired to select organic items more frequently. Similarly, price-conscious shoppers will discover that some organic products do offer definite advantages for only a few cents more. The authors' balanced approach should appeal to those committed to organics and skeptics alike.

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Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution

Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial RevolutionPaul Hawken
Hawken (The Ecology of Commerce) and Amory and Hunter Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute, an environmental think tank, have put together an ambitious, visionary monster of a book advocating natural capitalism. The short answer to the logical question (What is natural capitalism?) is that it is a way of thinking that seeks to apply market principles to all sources of material value, most importantly natural resources. The authors have two related goals: first, to show the vast array of ecologically smart options available to businesses; second, to argue that it is possible for society and industry to adopt them.

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Build a Green Small Business: Profitable Ways to Become an Ecopreneur

Build a Green Small Business: Profitable Ways to Become an Ecopreneur Scott Cooney
From organic groceries to fuel-efficient cars and toxicity-free dry cleaning, the opportunities to profit from a business that builds local communities, heals the environment, and feeds the growing green demand are almost endless. As an entrepreneur who has developed successful eco-friendly businesses, Scott Cooney gives you expert advice and guidance on starting, building, and growing a green business--and then delivers a gold mine of business ideas for every kind of product and service.

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Careers in Renewable Energy: Get a Green Energy Job

Careers in Renewable Energy: Get a Green Energy JobGregory McNamee
This handy text reviews careers in solar, wind, geothermal, and hydroelectric energy, hydrogen energy and fuel cells, and nuclear energy as well as employment in green building, management, and transportation. The underlying theme - knowledge is power - aids in the common organization of each chapter, which begins with a brief factual introduction and explains career opportunities, salaries, and required education. A brief bibliography follows each chapter. A broad appendix includes a list of 50 schools where students can study for careers in renewable energy and Web sites for job listings, workshops, and professional organizations, as well as contact information for state energy offices. Illustrations and informative sidebars are scattered throughout.

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Green Careers: Choosing Work for a Sustainable Future

Green Careers: Choosing Work for a Sustainable FutureJim Cassio
People of all ages and backgrounds are seeking work in career fields that will help save the planet, yet many people are unaware of the variety of green careers available. This unique career guidance book, based on labor market research, covers green jobs representing almost every area of career interest. This book will appeal to students, career explorers, job seekers, and career and workforce development professionals. It is an indispensable guide for finding a career to feel passionate about and prospering while doing what you love.

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Eco-Friendly Families

Eco-Friendly FamiliesHelen Coronato
Eco-friendliness has grown into a way of life across the country. Eco-Friendly Families is the perfect guide to raising a family with ?green? values, whether they?re celebrating their first Earth Day or are old hands at recycling, eating organic, and carrying a cloth bag to the supermarket. Parents and children can all live by eco-example by following the tips in this book, including: ? Start-up advice for going green as a family affair? motivating all family members to embrace change ? Family activities that can make every day Earth Day and living green fun ? A practical guide to growing up green?what everyone can do around the house, at school, at work, and on vacation ? Realistic ways to deepen family involvement through environmentalism, conservation, activism, and advocacy ? Effective suggestions for raising responsible, ecoconscious citizens

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