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10 top tips for green living

In order to protect and sustain the environment, it’s important that everyone contributes.

But when you’re leading a busy lifestyle, finding ways to go green and cope with your work and family commitments can feel overwhelming.

So here are 10 tops tips for green living to help you get started.

1. Calculate your footprint

Begin by working out what impact your lifestyle is having on the environment. This way, you’ll be better placed to make changes.  You can calculate your eco-footprint for free online – check it out.

2. Eco-friendly transport

Driving might be convenient, but cars emit harmful gases such as nitrogen oxide which contribute to air pollution. So you should ditch the car in favour of public transport or a bicycle. Alternatively, consider car sharing with a colleague.

3. Avoid plastic bags

It can take up to 1,000 years for a plastic carrier bag to decompose. It’s much better for the environment to use a canvas bag because they’re more durable and you’ll be able to re-use them for a longer period of time. 

4. Recycle

You should recycle as much as possible because it allows us to reuse items instead of harming the environment by consuming new ones. For instance, by recycling paper you’re saving trees from being cut down. Find out more about the energy saved by recycling on Business Waste.

5. Compost pile

Compost is rich in nutrients which enhance your soil so that you can grow some wonderful garden greens. A compost pile is also the perfect place for you to recycle kitchen and garden waste that would otherwise end up in the landfill.  

6. Plant a tree

Planting a tree allows you to make a long-lasting contribution to sustaining the environment. Trees provide many benefits – they absorb carbon dioxide and help keep the air clean, prevent soil erosion and provide a home for wildlife.

7. Reusable products

Cut down on waste by avoiding disposable single-use items in favour of reusable products where possible.

8. Reduce meat consumption

The livestock sector generates a huge amount of greenhouse gas emissions, so consider reducing your meat consumption and make fresh fruit and vegetables a bigger part of your diet.

9. Switch off appliances

Switching off appliances such as kettles, microwaves and washing machines when they’re not in use will save a lot of energy over time and save you some money too. So flip those switches and start saving.

10. Organic products

Organic products are grown naturally, free from chemicals and pesticides which are harmful to both the environment and your body, so stock up on them. Not sure where to start? Organic products store Kijani Living has got you covered.

Follow these tips and look forward to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

That’s our list! Share your tips for green living in the comments section.


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