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5 Outdoor Projects To Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

There are many ways to be more eco-friendly. Whether you take short showers, recycle, plant trees, avoid using non-decomposable plastics, or carpool to work, you shouldn’t stop there. There are many ways to make your home green. Aside from having energy-efficient windows or other in-home products, you can start some outdoor projects like adding solar panels. Here are several eco-friendly outdoor things you can do that will be nothing but beneficial.

Solar Panels

The sun is the perfect source of clean and low-cost energy. While already built houses can take advantage of solar power, the newer homes have more opportunities to get the most out of it. If you are going to create a new house, then you can take advantage of the sunlight with careful planning. The panels can provide enough electricity to run the entire house, making power free for life. As a bonus, you can even sell excess energy to utility companies and earn money.

Wooden Summer House

If you have a beautiful backyard, think about buying or constructing a wooden summer house. They are the up and coming trend. They can be great to enjoy the summer. There are also other lovely wooden additions you can make to the house, like a garage, gazebo, or even log cabins. They come in all shapes and sizes, and companies also let you custom build. It can be difficult but if you are planning to make one by yourself, make sure you have the right materials and proper knowledge before starting the project.


It would be best if you tried xeriscaping. It will have a significant effect on your water bills. It started as a practice for areas that were susceptible to drought back in the early ‘80s. However, your area doesn't necessarily need to be exposed to drought. Placing all the plants that require similar water levels together is a simple way to start. Similarly, you can also change the grass in the yard by adding drought-resistant variants.

Green Roofs

If you have already designed a perfect backyard, you shouldn't stop there. To reduce their electricity bills, many people have grass and plants on the roofs of their houses. This will not only reduce water runoff, but it will also insulate your home and reduce the heat inside.  It also has an added effect of reducing noise and making your home look incredibly beautiful. A green roof will even increase the price of your property.

Sustainable Wooden Fence

Fences are great additions to houses. They not only improve the picturesque view, but they also keep kids and pets in the vicinity of your home. They act as a barrier between neighboring houses, giving you more privacy. If you are thinking of replacing the old fence or adding a new one, then try to buy environmentally friendly materials. You can get an eco-friendly wall made, by using reclaimed wood over new lumber. A more natural solution would be to use plants and trees, but their use will change with the weather conditions.


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