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5 Things to Do Before Moving Into A New Home

Moving to a new home? Congratulations and all the best. It’s like a new beginning, and you would definitely want to make your ‘new’ abode the perfect one. However, even if you moved many times before, there will be a few things which you will forget to manage.

So, what can you do? What are those essential things that ought to be fixed before you finally arrive at the doorstep of your new home with a bunch of boxes? Worry not folks! We have listed below 5 important things that you need to include and tick off your moving checklist soon. Take a look!
1. Clean it Thoroughly
Whether it is a newly-built home or one you bought from someone else – you must clean the house thoroughly before shifting your stuff. Moreover, believe us, cleaning a new home is certainly not a child’s play. It will leave you tired and exhausted. It is even more challenging when shifting to a new city like Dubai, and you hardly know anybody. In such a case, hiring professional cleaners is the best solution. Just Google “cleaning services Dubai” and you’ll get various options. 
UrbanClap, for instance, offers a plethora of cleaning services in Dubai to make your home look astoundingly clean and beautiful. Be it your bathroom floor, kitchen slab or even the cabinets; you can get well-trained and experienced professionals to clean every corner of your home at an affordable price. So, for services such as deep cleaning in Dubai, make sure you give the task to a professional for best results. 
2. Change the Locks
To ensure the security of your family members, it’s crucial to change the locks before moving to a new house. Though you can skip this thing if you have a newly built home, however, definitely don’t take a chance if it was owned by someone else earlier. It will be quite unsafe to know that someone else also has the key to your home; hence, change the locks even before keeping your belongings in the new home. 
3. Upgrade the Electrical System
Ensuring the safety of your home is not just limited to locks, you must also keep a tab on the electrical system of the place. You may even need a bit of an upgrade and extra electrical outlets. Just the way you can find home cleaning services in Dubai, you can also book trustworthy electricians from UrbanClap to get your work done at an affordable price. Also, you can also install anti-theft alarms and sensors to make your home safe and secure. 
4. Tackle Maintenance Tasks
Is there a leaking faucet in the bathroom or a creaking fan in the hall? If yes, fix it right away. Procrastinating about tackling the maintenance task will keep on occurring once you shift in the house. Whether it is decorating the rooms or buying new furniture for the home, there will be plenty of things on your head, and the maintenance task will just keep shifting to the next weekend. So instead of ignoring the ‘tip-tip’ sound of the faucet, call a plumber and get everything sorted. 
5. Update Your Address 
It may seem a daunting task, but you can’t deny its importance. Therefore, do it sooner, so you don’t have to worry about your important documents being couriered to your old address. Here are few people and organisations where you need to notify about your new address: 
 Your Current Employer
 Financial Institutions (Banks, Insurer, Stockbroker)
 Postal Services
 Utilities (Magazine Subscriptions, Water And Electricity Bills)
 Government Institutions
 Educational Institutions
 Friends and Family
Done reading? Well, you know what to do before your belongings finally arrive at your new home. So, make the checklist immediately and start ticking it off. The only task that will be left after doing this would be to throw an amazing housewarming party! Moreover, don’t worry about the mess after that, house cleaning services in Dubai will make it a piece of cake for you.  


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