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7 Tips to Make Your School a Green Campus

Creating an eco-friendly campus is not just about following the trend; it’s a smart initiative to save our planet. Universities, schools, and colleges around the country are doing everything they can do to become a green campus from implementing reduce, reuse, recycle campaign to using naturally fueled buses. There are also things that individual students can do to support their school in being a green campus. Here are some good, environmentally friendly tips for campus life.

1. Recycle Everything, Especially Paper:
The amount of paper a college student uses per semester is insane; class notes, term papers, essay papers, scrap copies, printed out graphs and pictures, plus countless other random papers add up. We know that the use of papers cannot be reduced during the academic period because students have to write papers or use essay writing service. But the way you handle all the paper can actually help a green campus. Dispose of the papers in the recycling bins on the campus so that they can be recycled. 

2. Limit the Use of Disposable Plates and Cups:
When you are living in a hostel or off-campus apartment, you usually prefer to buy disposable cups and plates. That’s not only bad for your environment but also your student finances. Buy cheap plastic plates and cups that are reusable. Wash them by hand or a dishwasher if you have one. 

3. Limit the Use of Paper Napkins:
College students use a large number of paper napkins. That’s because they usually eat a lot of fast food and readymade food, which results in a lot of napkins grabbed and used. You can play your part by either using the minimum amount of paper napkins you can or having your own cloth napkins that can be washed and reused. 

4. Use Your Printer Wisely:
Teachers don’t usually mind reading the papers that are printed on both sides. This a great way to save on paper. Also, you can use low-quality setting to save the ink while printing out the essays and assignments that do not need to look nice or only involve text. Lastly, limit the number of print outs by considering if something can be shown digitally rather than on the paper.

5. Limit the Use of Your Car:
Most campuses have pretty good transit facility. Other than that, almost all university or college campuses are pedestrian-friendly. You can limit the use of your car by walking and biking, which will help to make your school a green campus

6. Carry a Water Bottle:
Carrying your own reusable water bottle decrease the amount of plastic waste on your campus. It also helps to keep you hydrated. You can refill your water bottle at any water dispenser on the campus and can use it during your class or while driving. 

7. Use Fluorescent Light Bulbs:
This tip is worth considering for those living in a hostel facility of their campus. Fluorescent bulbs are a bit expensive, but they last longer, decrease energy consumption and ultimately save you money. Moreover, lamp light is a lot more environmentally efficient and pleasant than overhead lighting. 


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