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9 tips and tricks to boost your Instagram posts

Are you tired of creating lots of Instagram posts but unable to get enough engagement on them? If yes, then this post is for you. Creating posts on Instagram is the first thing to start with, but until it gets engagement, it is of no use. In this article, we have explained how to boost your Instagram posts with the reference of some tip and tricks:

Upload high-quality images

A high-quality image is the first rule to get the attention of more people on your posts. Your images should be created in such a way that when people scroll their newsfeed on Instagram, your post should be eye-catching. It would help if you created something having a great color combination, something that motivates people that convey a story and one that provides value to the users. So high-quality images don’t necessarily mean in terms of clarity and focus but also subject, tone, and color.

Use Instagram stories

The best way to boost your Instagram posts is to use Instagram stories to increase the reach of your Instagram posts. Post at peak times to create engagement among your target audience with your stories. When you post an image content to your Instagram account, post the same image as the story after a few hours to get more Instagram stories views. Make it more attractive by adding colors and filters to beautify it.

Understand the best time to post

To boost your posts on Instagram, you need to understand what is the best time to post. Generally, Instagram takes seven says to get your audience insight. Then they show your audience insights and tell you when your followers are most active.

The best times of posting depends on target audiences and the brand niche. For instance, if the best posting days for your business are Monday-Friday, for someone, it could be Saturday- Sunday. However, the best average time for posting is considered to be 12-6 pm. Moreover, you can try different time intervals for posting and analyze the results to decide the best time for your posting.

Use good captions

Captions are another essential thing to consider when boosting your Instagram posts. By writing a great and valuable caption, you will see a significant increase in your posts reach. Your Instagram captions help your users to understand whatever you want to demonstrate with your image. To make it more appealing, add a phrase, question, or call to action in your caption.

Experiment with video content

Talking about the videos, it gets extensive engagement on Instagram. Everyone likes to watch exciting videos, and the best part about posting videos is that it automatically starts playing once appear in your feed. Comparing to the images, video content gets double the number of likes and comments you receive on your pictures.

Organize contests or ask questions

Hosting contests is another fantastic and funny way to interact with your Instagram community. To get more people to participate in your contests, keep the interesting rewards. In addition to this, create a post concerning the details of the contest in such an appealing way that persuades people to look to it.

Asking questions could also help to get more engagement through your posts and videos. It has been seen that the most commented posts are those who ask a question from the users.

Use Instagram ads

An Instagram ad is a paid technique to boost your Instagram posts but is very influential. It helps in expanding the organic reach of your posts to your target audiences. All you have to do is to boost a post by choosing an appropriate target audience. It will drive massive engagement to your posts and enable your Instagram account to rank higher.

Go creative with hashtags

Once you understand the power of hashtags, you will see a significant increase in the reach of your posts. Include relevant hashtags related to your brand niche in your posts to make it more reachable among the right audiences. Another thing with hashtags is that you can create your hashtags also so that people can easily find you. Self-created hashtags sometimes leave positive results and boost engagement.

Learn from your Instagram insights

To post relevant content on Instagram, you need to understand the needs and interests of your target audiences. For this purpose, Instagram analytics have been there to give you all the data about your followers. It shows you the number of likes, comments, and impressions you get on each post. It also lets you know which posts of yours are getting more viewed by people. Based on that, you can try a different kind of content and analyze what is performing best in your case.

So to boost your Instagram posts, consider the tips and tricks listed above. If you boost your Instagram posts rightly, it can get you potential leads for your business sales.



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