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Abu Dhabi to host World Summit of the Oceans 2019

Having concluded their participation in the fifth session of the summit held on March 7 in Cannon, Mexico, Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development, and Abu Dhabi Environment Authority, announced that Abu Dhabi will host the sixth session of the 2019 World Summit of the Oceans.

This announcement has been declared during the AD Emirate Governmental bodies’ speech delivered by Khalifa bin Salem Al Mansoori, Undersecretary of the Department at the closing session of the Summit which was held under the patronage and presence of Enrique Benia Nieto, President of the Republic of Mexico, and the participation of a number of Presidents of States and Government and international organizations related to the Environment Sector.

In his speech, Khalifa Al Mansoori conveyed the greetings of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE as well as greetings of the UAE Leaderships and Government, to Enrique Benia Nieto, President of the Republic of Mexico, and to the heads of states, and of governments attending the summur, wishing all the best to the Oceans World Summit, to continue its endeavors to accomplish its objectives in order to achieve solidarity for all countries of the world, and to reinforce the concept of "Blue Economy" imposed by rapid changes in the various areas of life, including economy, development, environment and sustainability.

He stated that the participation of the Abu Dhabi government delegation in this summit emphasizes the keenness of its visionary leadership to support the policy and the global approach adopted by the Summit of the Oceans for the purpose of supporting efforts to protect the sustainable management of water resources and preserve healthy aquatic ecosystems, especially in the oceans.

Khalifa Al Mansoori stressed that having announced that Abu Dhabi, capital of UAE, will be hosting the sixth session of the World Summit for the Oceans next year 2019, reflects the keenness of the UAE leadership and government to reinforce international efforts in fostering the global dialogue to implement the Blue Economy in the Middle East region, aimed at promoting the joint collaboration of the world states regarding the environment protection, coastal governance and effective policies and strategies such as the recently developed aquaculture policy. He added that the announcement of the hosting of the Abu Dhabi 2019 World Summit translates to the entire world, the policies and strategies of the UAE government in line with the calls of this summit in its previous sessions of the importance of adopting a model of "green" growth of economic development less dependent on carbon, and namely the "blue economy" option, led by creativity at the level of Money & Business, as well as fostering the environmentally friendly technologies that require adoption of green policies.

Khalifa bin Salem Al Mansouri, Undersecretary of the Department of Economic Development, Abu Dhabi, stressed on a number of principles of the green policy, in which the UAE government has started, over the past years, the most important of which, is the construction of an economic sector focused on innovation and modern technology to address many environmental challenges related to marine and ocean water. He also highlighted the UAE’s endeavors to be in the forefront in making change by adopting environmental sustainability initiatives globally, and enhancing the role of the UAE in developing solutions to key challenges in the region, with regard to high salinity and fish depletion levels.

In conclusion of his speech, Al- Mansoori expressed his heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation to His Excellency the President of the Republic of Mexico, and organizers of this summit for providing this opportunity, and for the confidence they have, to make the next summit destination be held in Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE, wishing all the best to everybody, and hoping that the next Abu Dhabi session will continue the noble efforts in shaping a better future for the world's oceans, so as to be healthy and capable of facing challenges in both social and economic dimensions. After announcing Abu Dhabi as host to the 2019 Summit, Razan Khalifal Al-Mubarak, the AD Environment Authority Secretary General, indicated that " Hosting the Oceans Summit in Abu Dhabi for the first time in the Middle East, demonstrates the leadership role played by the UAE in the region to promote shared action on environmental protection, coastal governance, effective strategies and policies, such as the recently developed aquaculture policy. " Al Mubarak stated that Abu Dhabi's hosting of such landmark event will enhance the leadership status of the Abu Dhabi Government at the regional level, in terms of promoting environmental conservation, supporting the economy and making the UAE as a key player in the sustainable ocean community, within its relentless endeavors to foster sustainable initiatives based on innovation and modern technology, in order to overcome various environmental challenges related to marine and ocean water, and to put solutions to key issues in the region, including high levels of salinity and depletion of fish.

Captain Mohammed Jumaa Al Shamsi, Chief Executive Officer of Abu Dhabi Ports, commended the great efforts of the Department of Economic Development, and the Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi, as well as many other government agencies during the Oceans’ World Summit, which culminated in the agreement of the participants that Abu Dhabi will host the 6th session of this international event.

"Holding this summit in the UAE next year, marks the culmination of the UAE's blueprint, strategies developed by UAE for blue economy, environmental sustainability and conservation of natural resources, which have been highly welcomed at the regional and global levels," he said.

"The UAE's success in hosting many international events and conferences in the fields of environment, sustainability and renewable energy and the recent accession of the State to the World Maritime Organization highlights the long-term and visionary vision of our wise leadership, aimed at enhancing the UAE’s global status, by contributing effectively in preserving the environmental and natural resources and work together with various institutions and organizations to find solutions to the challenges in this area We, at Abu Dhabi Ports, will work to harness all the possibilities for the success of this World Summit and to inform participants about the principles and innovative solutions that we have undertaken to maintain the sustainability of the marine environment."

A delegation of three government agencies from the Emirate of Abu Dhabi went to the Mexican capital, to participate in the fifth session of the Oceans’ World Summit, the under the chairmanship of Khalifa bin Salem Al Mansouri, the undersecretary of the Department, and comprising officials from Environment Authority of Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Ports and Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development, for the purpose of getting acquainted with the Summit’s agenda and the international initiatives that support AD’s environmental approach to a more sustainable economy.

On the sidelines of the Mexico Summit activities, the Abu Dhabi delegation held a series of meetings with the participating international delegations. Khalifa bin Salem Al Mansouri, the Undersecretary of the Department, met with Jose Maria, former President of the Republic of Costa Rica, and exchanged views on the efforts, projects and initiatives in support of the oceans and Environment carried out by the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and Costa Rica .

The Abu Dhabi delegation also met with Michael Jones, head of the Maritime Alliance in San Diego, USA, during which the delegation was briefed on the Alliance's initiatives and programs that translate the objectives of the Summit into preserving the oceans and seas to benefit from them, and to transfer such practices to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the UAE in general.

In a separate meeting with the Deputy Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Arne Mathisen, the delegation discussed the most important international initiatives aimed at enhancing the role of the agricultural sector in achieving food security in the world, to contribute in achieving an environmental and agricultural system ensuring a Self-made food to nations of the world, especially from water and marine resources.

On the sidelines of the summit, Abu Dhabi delegation discussed with Fabian Hoehler, Director of Sustainability Affairs at Credit Suisse, the areas of joint cooperation with the Government of Abu Dhabi in the field of environmental sustainability and the transfer of Swiss knowledge in this field to Abu Dhabi Enrique Benya Nieto, President of the Republic of Mexico, visited the platform of the three government agencies, the Department of Economic Development and the Abu Dhabi Ports Authority on the sidelines of the Summit, where Khalifa bin Salem Al Mansouri, Undersecretary of the Department, briefed him on Abu Dhabi’s participation of Abu Dhabi in the summit aimed at creating international partnerships to promote the Emirate of Abu Dhabi In leading the global dialogue and adopting the application of the blue economy in the region. Summit participants expected that the fifth session of the Oceans’ World Summit will reflect decisions that embody the promises of the previous sessions of the Summit. The Summit is the largest and most diverse organization of the world bringing world leaders decision-makers, business leaders, scientists and non-governmental organizations together.

More than 360 global leaders in government, industry, multilateral organizations and the scientific and civil society gathered to discuss environmental solutions to the challenges facing the oceans. Mexico's session focused on the views of the business world, government and civil society on how to use the seas and oceans facing pollution risks.

The Summit sessions also included a review of initiatives aimed at protecting the blue wealth from extinction and achieving a sustainable economy that protects the rights of future generations to benefit from natural resources.


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