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Can Fishing Be Eco-Friendly? All You Need To Become A Responsible Angler

You might have heard about extensive fishing and the havoc it can read in different parts of the globe, with consequences for everyone.  If you like fishing, but you want to be a responsible angler, there are things you can do to make your activity more eco-friendly.

Go for invasive species

To leave unaffected the population of fish that’s slowly disappearing from lakes and rivers, it is a good idea to prefer invasive species or other fish that is plenty. To do so, all you have to do is to release back into the water the specimens you catch that are part of those species that are becoming scarce.

If you take a look around the most important fishing spots on the planet, you will notice that there is information readily available on what fish overpopulate these waters. It is easy to fish as much fish as you want, without affecting the ones that are threatened to become extinct.

Opt for biodegradable baits

When it comes to what type of baits to use, you must be well aware of the availability of biodegradable baits. As tempted as you may be to use live bait, that’s a dangerous habit that’s not eco-friendly at all. Without your knowing, you might introduce elements that are not part of an environment and cause an imbalance.

Plastic baits, on the other hand, are not good for the environment, either. Fish could swallow them by accident, or they could get lost in the bodies of water where you go to cast your line or net. The best bet is to go for biodegradable baits that don’t pose the same risk as live bait but don’t hurt the environment like plastic models.

Even your monofilament could be biodegradable

Through our typical day by day activities, we create large amounts of waste. This waste goes nowhere else but in the soil and the waters of the planet. As long as you opt for biodegradable monofilament, you will make sure that less of what you use when you go fishing will end up hurting the environment.

Give up on lead tackle

Another thing that you should remember is that the lead from your tackle could poison the water fish live in, and, after ingesting the tiniest particles of lead, the fish you catch can also become a source of poisoning for you and your family, too.

The waters of the planet are poisoned enough with lead and other toxic compounds. Don’t add to the problem, and start thinking of a solution that will contribute to making a clean environment for fish, and ultimately, for you.

Cut down on carbon emissions when you can

If you go boat fishing, don’t keep the motor on more than it’s needed. From time to time, it’s not a bad idea to row instead of counting on the engine of your boat. Not only this activity will give you a good workout without having to go sweating at the gym, but will also reduce the carbon emissions from your boat, which is a good thing for the environment.

Make sure to recycle what you don’t use anymore

Even the most durable fishing gear ends up in the trashcan, from affordable spinning reels to the tackle you might use day after day.  Don’t throw away anything that can be reused. When your gear hits the expiration date, see what parts of it can be recycled. This way, you make sure that you produce as little waste as possible, and also contribute to creating a better future for our planet.


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