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Effective processes Businesses are making to reduce their carbon footprint

More and more businesses are looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Virtually any business can influence the way they operate in order to cut their carbon footprint down and make an impact. Truedor are an example of how a business has changed in order to tackle this problem. They are now firm advocates of staying green in the process of making their composite doors. This is through working in compliance with regulations and recycling 100% of a number of products such as cardboard, paper and sawdust to name just a few. So what can businesses do to reduce their carbon footprint?

Investing in waste management is a big challenge. Ensuring recycling facilities for your businesses is one of the easiest steps. This should include a number of different bin types for the different options. By doing this it can ensure higher overall recycling rates, which means less should be ending up in landfills. This will also be reducing the carbon footprint of your business and as an individual.

This should also include electrical and hazardous waste. This also draws on to ensuring food waste bins are provided in kitchens and canteens. Food waste can be a very common problem if a canteen is serving fresh food every day. Another easy way for a business to reduce their carbon footprint is to use energy efficient lighting wherever possible. You could also look at incorporating automatic switch off lighting. Switching these all to LED for example can make a huge difference and is a quick win. The growth of technology also means there are a number of different options such as sensors and dimmable lights, that work to ensure you are always using the lowest amount of energy required.

The next step is to simply print as little as possible. This can be difficult within a busy office but is a step that can be implemented. You could also look at when printing is required to ensure double sided printing is set as default. Travelling continues to be a very well talked about issue when it comes to people’s carbon footprint. This is why more and more businesses are now implementing bike or walk to work schemes. Business travel is also something that should be minimised. This is why you should look at cutting travel down. An example could be holding a meeting over Skype or video conferencing, which over the long term could make a big difference.

This can all help to minimise emissions. The final quick win that can be made by many businesses is ensuring the office space is well insulated at all times. This means it will require minimal heating or air conditioning. This will also help to reduce energy bills, which is always a plus.


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