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Environmental Games that Are Great for Kids

The earth is in danger and if we don’t act now, our grandchildren will have no place to live. In order to ensure that we conserve mother earth, its imperative that we instill in our children the culture of conservation and preservation. Sometimes, just reciting to our kids the importance of conservation or encouraging them to read more about mother earth may not do much in instilling the conservation culture. This is simply as a result of the fact that children love mixing ‘work and play’. As such, in order to mix ‘work and play’ when it comes to the issue of earth conservation, we can all encourage our children to play environmental games. In this article, we are going to share with you some of these environmental games but note that you can always try this out for more games.

NOAA Games

NOAA games in full National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration games are all about raising awareness amongst children on the importance of conserving oceans and air. NOAA Games are a collection of games that come with the ocean and air theme. When kids play any of the games that fall under the NOAA Games collection, they will get learn how occurrences such as hurricanes and ocean pollution take place. In the same vein, they will also get to know what causes or in some instances what acts as catalysts to such occurrences. From this, therefore, kids grow up knowing that it's important to conserve our oceans and the air. They will also know what to do and what not to do in the quest to conserve mother earth.


Clim’Way is a social game that teaches children about climate change, how it comes about, what causes it and what we need to do in order to ensure that we limit its damages. When playing the game, children will be given three tasks to conduct. First, they are asked to decrease the use of energy by 40 percent. In trying to do so, they will know that energy more specifically energy from non-renewable resources leads to climate change. As such, they are tasked with finding ways to limit the use or reliance on energy from non-renewable resources. Secondly, they are asked to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 75 percent. Lastly, they are asked to increase the share of renewable energy by 60 percent. Combined, these tasks will help children to know better what climate change is all about.


Windfall is a game that focuses on the generation of energy from wind. When playing this game, children assume the role of a farmer who owns a large plantation. On his plantation, however, there is a shortage of energy. The farmer, therefore, needs to find a way of generating more energy and the decision he takes is to rely on wind. As the farmer starts the process of building his wind turbines, he gets to know that there is a green way of generating energy from wind other than relying on non-renewable resources which are detrimental to mother earth.


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