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Green Home Renovations That Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Anyone living in the world today contributes to the increasing pollution in the air we’re breathing, the water we’re drinking, and the food we’re eating. You may ride a bike to work, and you may reuse and repurpose plastic bags, but there are many things that you might not even notice that could add to your carbon footprint.

The following home renovations will help you reduce carbon emissions and other polluting activities that derive from the current design of your house.

Proper insulation

Seal everything you can, from window frames to doors and attics. We tend to invest a lot of devices that keep us cool in summer and warm in winter. While such devices may have an Energy Star rating that confirms that you made a good choice, it is up to you to avoid consuming more energy than it’s needed.

For this reason, insulating your house is highly recommended and one of those home renovations you can perform without worrying that you must invest a colossal amount of money. Start with simple things such as the doors and window frames. Even the slightest cracks could allow air to escape, which means more work for your air-conditioning devices and heaters.

Stop wasting water and energy with tankless heaters

Whether you want to take a quick shower or have a bath, a standard water heater will use electricity or gas to heat 40 gallons of water or more. You can quickly realize why this can result in enormous waste. Unless there are more members of the family making use of all that water, most of it will go to waste, and with it, the energy that was used for getting it hot enough for your bath or shower.

The solution, experts say, is to opt for a tankless water heater. As its name indicates, it comes without a tank, and it will only heat water as you use it. That’s the most efficient way of heating water and using it.

And here is another reason why you should prefer such an option. It will consume less energy, so you will end up paying less on electricity bills.

Replace your old furniture with green alternatives

Does your home furniture layout need a revamp? Start thinking green. Eco-friendly furniture exists and comes in all sorts of fashionable designs, so you will have plenty to choose from. For instance, bamboo is an eco-friendly material used for floors and furniture that could make your home look hip while you reap the practical benefits of such a choice.

Salvaged wood or materials reclaimed from old furniture represent another excellent alternative. Think of all the trees that won’t have to be cut down to be turned into new furniture. Wood can be recycled and used for making new beautiful items you can use to decorate your home.

Reduce water consumption in your home

Besides the idea of a tankless water heater that will help you reduce the use of water and energy at the same time, there are other home renovation ideas that will help you in this regard.

For instance, you should consider installing low-flush toilets that use water judiciously so that you don’t have to spend so much on your monthly bills. Flow reducers for faucets are another idea you can implement if you’re thinking about investing in a green home renovation.

Stop the energy drain with better devices

There are so many electronics in your home that it might be hard to keep track of all of them. Always shop for those that have good Energy Star ratings, as it is a sure way to reduce the overall energy consumption in your home.


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