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How is the Logistics Industry going green?

Whether you’re looking to import from China or send freight across to mainland Europe, concerns about the environmental effect your freight can have ae concerns that the industry is starting to tackle. But how quickly are they tackling it, and how are they working on going green? We’ve decided to look deeper into the ways that the logistics industry is working on going green.

Eco Friendly Vehicles and Vessels

All major shipping companies, whether by road, sea, air or rail are all bound by regulations, and those regulations are changing. Companies all over the world are having to meet industry regulations to meet and use the latest eco-technologies to improve their energy efficiency and environmental performance. Any new vessels built have lower fuel consumption and are helping to reduce pollution where possible. Fuel with low sulphur content is also being used, making the fuel that the vessels do consume better for the environment.

Changes in Packaging

The packaging of parcels and containers is changing. Less material is being used, or where the same amount of material is necessary, the materials are of a higher quality and can be used for longer than their predecessors – or, in some cases, metal containers are being replaced by plastic ones. Containers that weigh less allow for lower fuel consumption by the vehicles that they are on, and where a steel tote box could weigh upwards of 235 pounds, a plastic container of the same size and shape could weigh as little at 70 pounds. The plastic containers can also be disposed of and recycled far more easily than their steal counterparts. Plastic doesn’t rust like steel, meaning that the plastics can be reused for longer and with less chances of rust-like damage.

Solar Powered Offices

While this will depend on the company that you ultimately decide to ship with, solar power is becoming more and more common within the freighting industry for offices – especially if these offices are small within an open site. Solar panels are not only better for the environment, but they are also better economically for a company too. Solar Panels can help companies save money that would otherwise be spent on electricity just to power the office when it is needed.

Route Optimisation

Route optimisation is perhaps the easiest and most effective way that a logistics company can go green and become more environmentally friendly. There are so many factors in a route that can cause adverse effects to the environment, whether that’s too much fuel consumption when stuck in busy city streets, or one that takes you the ‘long way round’. Taking shorter, faster routes means less fuel consumption and ultimately, optimised and more efficient services for your customers. Route optimisation is easier than ever with the increasing accessibility of GPS, with most services even offering you information on upcoming traffic and an alternate route to take that will get you to your destination faster and more efficiently than the route you are currently on.


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