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How to Clean a Greenhouse. Tips For Sanitizing a Greenhouse

One of the most important things which greenhouse owners have to do is keep their greenhouse sanitized and clean. Just like everything else, a greenhouse also needs to be maintained. If you have any problems with insect infestation that it might be time for a thorough cleaning of the greenhouse. 

Anyone on the lookout for greenhouses should check out greenhouses for sale to take advantage of the best prices. One should keep in mind that it is an ongoing task to keep a greenhouse clean. This post will provide you with all the information you need to clean a greenhouse. 

Sanitizing a Greenhouse
Whether you are a home grower or a commercial grower, the greenhouse would need to be kept clean. Plants that don’t grow over the course of a growing season might have infectious microbes. There are chances of algae too or fungus gnats. Normally, the best thing is prevention. It is less costly and easier to nip diseases and insects in the bud by cleaning and sanitizing the greenhouse. 

How to Clean the Greenhouse
There are two parts of greenhouse cleaning, namely the initial cleaning and the removal of items that follow with sanitizing. The actual cleaning part consists of removing spilled soil, plant debris and anything else that clutters the greenhouse. Once the items have been removed, a vacuum would be needed to suck up the bits of broken pottery, dirt and other particles. 

The fertilizer residues, grime and algae could either be scrubbed or power washed. However, if you use soap, you would need to be gentle and a natural soap would need to be used. Furthermore, to make cleaning easier, a weed barrier can be installed by the grower. It will help clean spills and algae besides just retarding weed growth. 

How to Sanitize the Greenhouse
The following four disinfectant methods can be used to sanitize the greenhouse.

• Alcohol: Alcohol shouldn’t only be used for killing microbes but rather for sterilizing the equipment such as propagation knives and shears.
• Bleach: Another commonly used disinfectant is bleach and it is also the cheapest. However, after two hours of dilution, bleach loses its efficacy. Through dilution, the bleach will be used as a disinfectant. It would be mixed with water in order to be used. Any soil or organic matter would need to be washed out first before using the bleach.
Hydrogen Dioxide: It is another disinfectant which is effective. It can be used to kill various types of bacteria that it comes in contact with and it ideal for tools, pots and benches. But, just like bleach, it would lose its efficacy after a while. In order to see if it is potent, the solution can be tested. Otherwise, additional hydrogen dioxide would need to be used.
• Quaternary Ammonium Chloride Salt:  Unlike bleach of hydrogen dioxide, it doesn’t lose its efficacy. It can be used for flats, pots and other things. They would need to be cleansed before the use. 


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