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Renewable Energy Industry. The Way Towards A Green Economy

The green economy:

The beginning of Renewable energy industry

Renewable energy has been the most remarkable growing industry since the 19th century. Augustine Mouchot invented the first solar energy method to generate steam. When this later invention was implemented in 1860, no one would have thought of its greatness. Not only solar energy discovery was that important to humanity, but also all the other forms of renewable energies. Namely, renewable energies can be derived from many sources such as sun, wind, geothermal, water and biomass. To conclude, natural and unlimited source are the origin of a sustainable energy.

Facts and numbers in the renewable energy industry

The sector of renewable energy industry now is solid enough to maintain $153.8 billion of the world investments portion in 2016. According to Climatescope (a research electronic magazine), the economy of the world is getting greener in terms of politics and investments. Markedly, China represents the major portion holder of green energy investments with 63 percent of the gross capital of renewable energy market.

The biggest renewable energy companies in the world:

To demonstrate the wide horizon of investment in the field of renewable energies, this part of the article is allocated to top three largest renewable energy companies in the world.

Atlantica Yield (AY)

This is the largest company of renewable energy in the world with a capital of $23 billion in 2017. The company provides around 1,442 MW from solar and wind power generation.

Atlantica Yield is located in the United Kingdom however has power stations all over North and South America, Spain, Algeria, South Africa.

Vestas Wind Systems (VWS)

Vestas is growing larger and larger every time the wind blows. The main portion of capital comes from turbine trade and installation. Vestas is among the largest wind companies in the world. Even though it is based in Denmark, the company branches reach China, India, Australia, Sweden, USA, UK and some other part of Europe.  This enormous wind energy company also provides a wide array of goods as well as significant services for its customers. Vestas is the biggest turbine seller with a capital market of $14.951 billion.

First Solar Inc. (FSI)

First Solar is a global solar power company. Holding more than $6.922 billion of the market investment share in solar energy made this company ranked the third. First Solar is one of the solar panels’ module manufacturers. This alternative power company is performing a comprehensive range of projects. Equally important, the company is engaged in the sector of construction and services (solar energy services).

What distinguish this firm is that it produces cheap solar converters. These solar converters operate to obtain more proficient and low-cost energy.

These selections of alternative energy companies have been based on their amount of market capital ratio. These top renewable energy companies have built their brand reputation through working without quarter. The progressive achievement, serious improvement joined with technological advancement are the key success of these renewable energy industries. Most significantly, is that green economy orientation is paving the way first towards more sustainable sources of energy. Second, this orientation is a way to decrease environmental risks and ecological hazards. The most compelling fact is that renewable energy power has become a mainstream culture


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