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Shift Technologies partners with The Sustainable City to enhance performance and sustainability

Shift Technologies, a subsidiary of the AW Rostamani Group that delivers digital transformation with some of the world’s most advanced technologies, is partnering with The Sustainable City, the Middle East’s first fully-operational sustainable community to help the city gain better insights from its sustainability data through a collaboration with Google Cloud Platform and SnapLogic.

Shift Technologies will introduce innovative and advanced digital technologies into The Sustainable City operational processes to automate tasks that would usually take weeks to complete, allowing the city to improve its sustainable performance through faster and more efficient data analysis.

Yousef Al-Barkawie, CEO of Shift Technologies, commented: “We are proud to support The Sustainable City in its effort to promote sustainable, low-carbon living in the UAE and the Middle East, an initiative that is aligned with the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy. Through our partnership with Google Cloud and SnapLogic, we will put systems in place that will use data generated by smart devices in an optimal manner, allowing for data-driven decisions to be taken in real time. The result will be a rich set of insights that will go toward improving sustainability within The Sustainable City and beyond.”

Shift Technologies will leverage existing relationships with partner companies to automate the collection of data using an advanced data warehousing structure and engine for The Sustainable City. This will enable the city to venture into new areas of discovery by way of machine learning and generate findings that will progress upon sustainability in ground-breaking ways.

Faris Saeed, CEO of Diamond Developers, the company behind The Sustainable City added: “We constantly monitor The Sustainable City’s performance but the real value of this data lies in extracting meaningful, actionable insights that will help us make real time decisions and constant improvements. Shift Technologies will help us to do just that and we are pleased to be working in partnership with a team that truly understands the power of digital disruption and tech-driven solutions.”

By providing a holistic and integrated approach, Shift Technologies offers an array of business-driven services to improve the performance and impact the bottom line of an organisation by delivering across the Digital Value Chain. The company’s services include design and architecture, platforms and solutions implementation, and omni-channel development all using the latest tools and techniques to bring innovation to the forefront.



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