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Simple Tips To Save Big on Fuel Expenses

Do you know that in UAE, there is one car for every two residents as this is increasingly becoming a necessity especially if you don’t live and work in the same emirate. This means you are constantly buying fuel to get from point A to point B. With fuel pricing on the rise, many people are looking towards ways that can help them save on fuel consumption.

#1: Give The Air-Conditioning A Break

The air-conditioning feature of a car is really amazing. It provides benefits in the winter and summer. Many people prefer to have it on all the time, but this causes a lot of unnecessary fuel consumption. You should try to limit the usage of the air-conditioning system and only switch it on when it is really needed. 

#2: Close It Up

Aerodynamics has an impact on the amount of fuel your car consumes. Many aspects of your car are involved with this system. To ensure a better level of aerodynamics, you should try to decrease the amount of instability caused by the wind. Rolling the windows up can be a great way to improve the aerodynamics and decrease fuel consumption. If your car has a sunroof, you should close it too when driving out of town to be more fuel-efficient.

#3: Plan Your Trips

The first trip usually takes more fuel than the next trip. This is due to the fact that the engine becomes cold and needs to heat up during the first few miles. If you plan your trips beforehand, you will be able to get everything done in one or two trips. This will ensure you do not waste that extra amount of fuel that it takes every time you make a trip.

#4: Drive At the Right Speed

Many people believe that driving at a slower speed means they are using less fuel. This is actually not true. Researchers have found the perfect speed for better fuel consumption is 80 kilometers per hour. This will ensure your car doesn’t run in lower gears, which results in a lower amount of fuel consumed when compared to driving at a slow speed.

#5: Regular Checkups

A car does not last forever, but with proper care it can last for a very long time. As a car gets older, it can also cause several problems including an increase in the amount of fuel consumed due to improper care. It is important to take your car for servicing on a regular basis and to frequently check the oil levels.


Fuel prices are constantly rising and becoming less affordable to individuals. By making some minor changes in your routines and ensuring your car gets regular checkups, you can easily save on the amount of fuel consumed by your car, thus also resulting in a huge saving in your budget.


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