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The Best Way of Terminating Fleas for dogs

“I love my dog so much”, everytime you walk in a park those are the sweets words that always come fromevery mouth of  pet owners, but what it takes to love your dog is not only by word of mouth but also through action, we all know that there is an extra cost in having a four-leggedfriend at you side, yes they maybe cute and all but ensuring that they remain cute for a lifetime is maintaining their cleanness for a lifetime.

How do you maintain your Dogs hygiene

In order to make sure that your dog stays healthy and safe you need to consider the best flea pills for dogs, that is ensuring that your dog is well-taken care through proper care of preventing dog allergies and disease infestation when choosing best flea pills for dogs one need to know a lot of factors that may play along with the well being of your pet.this include:

The type of medicine that you may give your dog

There are several samples of medicines that one should give their dogs in reference to there age and weight but some of the best flea pills for dogs that have been studied in a research in 2016 and approved valid and proper for treatment of fleas and ticks are the following below:

- Nexgard

- Comfortis

“Nexgard,” the best flea pill for your dog

Nexgard contains Afoxolaner which is a similar component to Fluralaner this is because they also share the same functions that is, theyboth lead to nerve damage and numbness inthe bodies of the vermins and at the same time consume them. Whenyou give yourdog a single tablet, the product will be immediately absorbed into the bloodstream of your dog, and in the next 24 hours all the ticks and fleas on your dog's skin will have destroyed, and for the next 30 days your dog will be flea and tick free.

Benefits of Nexgard to your Dog

- It is the product line of flea and from the manufacturers of Frontline that is coherent tasty beef-flavored chew.

- No topical pills for your dog, is no more need to worry about washing off your dog's flea cover.

- Safe, Efficient, FDA-approved, and duration of a month.

- Can apply in contingent to heartworm medication

“Comfortis,”  the best flea pill for your dog

Comfortis is the second among the best brand of flea pills for dogswhich is characterized with chewable flea tablet which are very strong they don’t only eliminate fleas but alsoensures to prevent infestations.

The undisputable ingredient in Comfortis is spinosad, which is similar to other flea treatment compounds that we may have known before. Spinosaddestroys the nervous system of the flea makes sure that there is excitation, paralysis, and eventually death. Comfortis can be used for both cats and dogs.

Benefits of Comfortis to your dog.

- Water - fast: Comfortis is not spot-on, so there is no need of liquid to wash off.

- Fast acting: No more waiting 24-48 hours for the fleas to disappear – Comfortis is a very powerful flea killer, within 30 minutes, 100% of fleas killed within only 4 hours.

- No failure due resistance: Due to its special form of action, Comfortis does not have the flea resistance problems experienced by the older forms of pills for killing fleas and ticks.


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