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The Most Convenient Way to Use Clean Energy

With the point of no return for climate change looming ever closer, and the knowledge that something must be done to slow the rate at which we pollute our planet, more and more people are looking into incorporating clean energy into their lives. Clean energy – also known as green or renewable energy – is the blanket term used to describe all forms of energy which are created from a renewable source, and cause little to no pollution. This includes energy which is harnessed from the wind, water, or the sun.

Although no source of power can be labelled as entirely risk-free, the benefits of clean energy outweigh the drawbacks by a massive amount.

Past Practices
In the past, it has not been an easy option for individuals to include clean energy sources into their households, as the technology was still being developed and was very expensive. However, in recent years, more and more companies are researching and manufacturing cheaper and more practical ways to harness and use clean energy on the small scale.
Solar Energy

Solar energy is easily the most developed, accessible and convenient source of renewable energy for use at home. It is possible to harness solar energy no matter where you are in the world, as long as the sun is up. The initial cost outlay for installing solar panels can be a little pricey, but once they are installed, users can begin harnessing and using energy throughout the day, and the maintenance costs are incredibly low.

Plus, many companies offer added installation of a battery system, which allows the user to store the energy they harness during daylight hours, that is not used during the course of the day. This can then be used at night. Alternatively, users can buy energy from the power grid at night, feeding the unused harnessed solar energy back into the grid itself, meaning they will get a portion of their energy bill discounted. 

The solar energy specialists suggest that - depending on how the panels are oriented and where you live - just a few square feet of solar panel are all you need to provide the power needed for an average household. An added benefit of using solar panels is that it is not necessary to take up additional space for installation. The panels can be installed directly onto the roof of your house, although it is also possible - but not as highly recommended - to install them in your garden. In addition, a number of companies are beginning to develop solar shingles. While they are not readily available just yet, they will soon be a great alternative to traditional panels as they allow for the roof itself to be built entirely from small solar panels.

Therefore, while there are certainly other options out there on the market, solar panels are hands down the most convenient choice. Their reliability to harness energy daily, no matter where they are situated, along with their high lifespan and low maintenance needs make them one of the cleanest and most efficient energy sources for use on the small scale. They are certainly a worthwhile investment for any person who wishes to reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact. 


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