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The Taxi Industry - a Greener Future

The electric car revolution is fully underway as more and more motorists are now making the switch to eco-friendly driving. This revolution has gathered pace lately due to the Government’s clean air plans, with the proposed 2040 ban on petrol and electric creating quite the stir in the auto industry. In addition to this, many major cities are now implementing bans and charges for heavily polluting vehicles in a bid to improve air quality.

The Taxi Industry
This is something that the taxi industry needs to pay attention to as cab drivers spend longer on the roads than an average driver. Additionally, taxis are used heavily in major cities so firms will need to start using eco-friendly vehicles in order to avoid charges and to even be allowed to drive in certain places.

The Capital
London is the key place and electric black taxis are now on the roads in the capital in order to improve air quality. This is the result of a change in rules where any new taxi in the capital must be capable of emitting zero emissions. These taxis can be expensive to purchase, but it is now a necessity and it will be better to make the switch sooner rather than later for many. Those looking to add to their fleet should always buy from specialist suppliers, such as Cab Direct  

Customer Benefits
In addition to abiding by the law, it is also a good idea for taxis to go electric because it will suit the customer. People are becoming increasingly ecoconscious, so many people will now be looking to use the services of an environmentally friendly taxi firm with a fleet of electric cars. On top of this, it can also provide a better experience for the passenger as these cars are much quieter and allow for a smoother ride.

Whilst it is clear that there is a huge change happing in the cab industry, there are still some concerns. These are primarily over the cost of electric vehicles, but also the current lack of charging points. This should not be a concern for long, though, as it is thought that the number of electric charging points will outnumber petrol stations by 2020.

The electric car revolution is gathering pace ahead of the 2040 ban on petrol and electric vehicles, which is also resulting in a major change within the cab industry as firms are forced to make the switch so that they can continue to operate in major cities.


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