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You Should Not Miss 2 Things On Your Dubai Trip

You will not lack things to do in Dubai, where everything is bigger and more luxurious than necessary. In addition, only 10% of its population in Dubai, so it is also a multicultural city. Surely you will not get bored with these things to see in Dubai.


Every trip to Dubai must include a visit to the desert. Do not imagine that you will travel alone to get lost in the desert, as in so many movies have been seen. There are really amazing excursions, where you can rent an SUV and go with a group of hikers and guides to navigate the dunes of the deserts of Dubai.

These excursions include falconry demonstrations, stops in unique desert places to see the beautiful desert sunsets and night there, in which exquisite food and alcoholic drinks will be shared next to a bonfire under the starlight, for the complete detail about desert safari click here.

Dubai Marina

If you went to dinner and spend the night then Dubai Marina is awesome. The area of Dubai that surprised us the most, you can find luxury yachts docked at small docks. You can walk along a long pedestrian promenade called The Walk, next to the JBR beach, with dozens of restaurants, cafes, and shops, a modern and busy beach, resorts, hotels. You always loved this area of the city. Without a doubt, we believe that visiting Dubai Marina is one of the best things to do in Dubai at night if you are interested to know about the luxury yachts and its ride then click here.

Dhow Cruise Dinner:

Take the opportunity to ride a magnificent Dhow (boat) and your night will come alive with the jewels of Dubai. The Dhow Cruise can easily show the unique charm that the city has. Be sure to capture everything you see with your camera.

With a fascinating view of Dubai Creek, a ride in a traditionally decorated dhow is definitely an experience to consider. The elegant moonlight creates the ideal environment for an intimate dinner for two or a much-needed family bonding session.

This tour also offers guests a delicious buffet dinner with traditional and international dishes to please their palates I think this is the best thing for your tour and should know about it, for this click here.

Burj Al Arab

Include in your trip to Dubai a visit to its beach. Yes, Dubai also offers you a relaxing holiday on beautiful beaches to rest while you sunbathe and take a dip in its crystalline waters off the coast of the Arabian peninsula.

Find the best hotel in Dubai to enjoy the luxury and relaxation of a beach vacation. Among all the hotels in Dubai, the well-known by all, the Burj Al Arab, stands out. It is a 7-star hotel in Dubai, one of the few in this category worldwide. The luxuries that this hotel has are indescribable, but it's really worth spending at least one night and feeling like a real Arab sheik.

This hotel is 321 meters high and is built on an artificial island. While the budget to spend a night in this luxury hotel may be too high, you can settle for booking in some of its bars (recommended the sky bar over 200 meters high) to have a luxurious breakfast with views of Dubai at your feet.

Ski Dubai

Another thing to do in Dubai is skiing. Yes, in the middle of the desert the richest city in the world has a ski slope, called Ski Dubai. It is the largest ski slope in the world, with 25 stories high, cable car and a large snow track to fully enjoy this activity. Ski Dubai has 400 meters deep in which to practice skiing and snowboarding, in addition to having 5 different routes. For those who do not feel like skiing, Ski Dubai offers a ride ticket to enjoy its slides or a good coffee.

Jumeirah Mosque

This impressive mosque built in white stone and large enough to enter 1,200 people is one of the few mosques in Dubai where non-Muslims are welcome under a program called “ Open Doors. Open minds. "

Visitors can observe prayer, learn more about Muslim customs and ask questions. It is recommended to dress modestly and women wear a headscarf.

The 75-minute tour takes place from Saturday to Thursday from 10 AM. The tour costs 20 AED per person and includes water, dates, Arabic coffee, tea, and traditional cakes.

The Dubai Heritage Village

Any traveler with an insatiable thirst for knowledge will come to this informative site in search of the traditional ways of life and the origins of this beautiful city. Built-in 1997 in the historic district of Al Shindagha, the main objective of the town was to show the traditional customs, traditions, professions and local crafts of the country.

The Heritage Village is visited by many who have a great opportunity to live and become familiar with the different local lifestyles. In addition, visitors get a glimpse of how different professions are practiced and carried out. The townhouses a traditional medicine clinic during the tourist season between October and March, allowing patients the opportunity to be treated by homeopathic doctors while retaining a legacy of experience and knowledge.

Do not miss the opportunity to buy a trinket handmade by talented artisans who are dedicated to the manufacture of whistles, jewelry, and trade in cotton. Visitors can also enjoy live performances of Arabic folklore such as Razfa, Ayyala, Harbeya and El-Dan, in addition to dances dating back to Africa.


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