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Green Tips
Green Tips
Ways to stay green

Adopt as many Eco-friendly lifestyle choices as you can and make them habits!

Aim to keep your fridge at least three-quarters full to maintain maximum efficiency.
Allow hot food to cool before placing it in the fridge.
Always try and park your car in shade wherever possible.
Always water plants in the evening. Watering during the day wastes water as it evaporates in the heat of the sun.
An easy way to save money and precious water is by simply cutting your shower time by 1 1/2 minutes per day. You'll save an average of 150 gallons each month.
Around the House: Use flatware and dishes rather than paper plates and plastic utensils. Clean with rags, not paper towels.
Arrange for an energy audit.
Ask your employer to consider flexible work schedules or telecommuting.
Ask your employer to consider flexible work schedules or telecommuting.
Avoid products that are packaged for single use. Instead, buy in bulk and transfer them to your own reusable containers.
Avoid products with several layers of packaging when only one is sufficient.
Avoid rush hour or busy periods.
Bathroom: Get an energy efficient exhaust fan or timer that shuts it off in 20 minutes.
Boiling water for tea in a pot on your gas stove uses one-third the energy of a plug-in kettle.
Bring a cloth bag to do all your shopping. But not just for groceries, even on your trips to the mall!
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