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Why Flying First Class No Longer Represents the Ultimate in Executive Travel

When you think of executive travel, the first thing to spring to mind will be relaxing in First Class and enjoying all of the great perks that this brings. Whilst this certainly is a good way to travel for those that are able to, it no longer represents the ultimate in executive travel as there is another form of flying which is proving to be immensely popular. 

Private Jet Chartering
This is to charter a private jet, which is now a realistic option for many with the rise of global aircraft services for business aviation. Flying in a private jet has always been seen as a form of transportation exclusive for the rich and the famous, but this is now changing thanks to these companies. You may believe that there is not a huge amount of difference between flying First Class and chartering a private jet, but this is not the case.

Drawbacks of First Class
Although flying First Class is great and a huge step up from other Classes, it is still not the most exclusive way to travel. When you fly First Class you still have the stress of checking in, getting through security, waiting around the airport and boarding the plane. Once you step on plane things become a lot more enjoyable, but you must still share the cabin with other members of the public. 

Private Jet Advantages
A private jet, meanwhile, allows you to skip through all the waiting and provides you with complete privacy onboard. In addition to this, the spacious stand-up cabins are beautifully designed so that it feels more like flying through the air in a stylish lounge than on a plane. 

You also benefit from exceptional service for the best possible experience whether you are relaxing, enjoying entertainment or working on the flight over. You are able to enjoy the finest food and drink whilst on the flight, many have actual beds to sleep in and practically all have the facilities for customers to work or enjoy entertainment.

Arrive Ready for Business
Flying can often see the passenger feel stressed and tired upon arrival, which is not ideal if you are on a business trip. This is another reason why chartering a private jet is a superb choice, as it ensures that you touch down feeling calm, relaxed and ready for business.

First Class is still seen as a glamorous option for executives, but this looks set to change in the near future as more and more people are opting to fly in style with a private jet.


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