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Select date: July 14, 2015   

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Sustainable Travel On The Rise

Reserch by shows that more and more travellers aspire to reduce their environmental impact.
UAE consumers use up to 323% more water than global average

Energy conscious domestic appliances underscore Miele’s focus on saving energy and water.
Solar-powered 'smart benches' re-energise London’s public spaces

Strawberry energy’s innovative solar hubs premier at Canary Wharf.
World Record Breaking Solar Impulse 2 Pilot to Speak

Dr. Bertrand Piccard’s first public address set to take place at the region's leading solar summit.
Scientists at Masdar Institute Create Reliable Model to Predict Extreme Weather

Masdar Institute Develops Models to Support Sustainable Planning and Management of UAE's Natural Resources.
Eco Friendly Products
Amp Solar

With 4 Watts of power, it will quickly charge all your handheld electronics.
Pure Fiber

Pure Fiber is the premier manufacturer and supplier of eco luxurious bed and bath amenities for people that care about comfort and the environment.
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Green News
There Is A Smart, Sustainable Way To Solve The Energy Crisis
The end of plastic Lego bricks? Toymaker hopes to go green by 2030
Could China, the World’s Biggest Carbon Emitter, Ever Go Green?
Company uses blue energy to go green
Perhaps the Graying Can Go Green
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A World Without Bees
Alison Benjamin

Honeybees are dying. In America, one in three hives was left lifeless at the beginning of 2008. In France, the death rate was more than 60 per cent. In Britain, a government minister warned that honey bees could be extinct within a decade. A third of all that we eat, and much of what we wear, relies on pollination by honeybees. So if - or when - the world loses its black-and-yellow workers, the consequences will be dire. What is behind this catastrophe? Viruses, parasites, pesticides and climate change have all been blamed. As has modern monoculture agribusiness. In this timely book, two keen amateur apiarists investigate all the claims and counterclaims with the help of scientists and beekeepers in Europe, America and beyond.

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Go Green An Ekotribe Initiative has 1,905 Green Stories, 143 Green Product Reviews, 6823 Green News Headlines , 386 Organisations in the Green Directory, 391 Green Book Reviews, 476 Green Videos, 205 Green Tips and 1526 Go Green Ambassadors in 112 countries.
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