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Together We can make a Difference
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The American International School launched a school-wide recycling project last year. It was headed by our Student Council, comprised of a group of thirty 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students. The student council members placed silver and white bins in every single classroom as well as every single office on campus. The Student Council picked up the plastics and papers to be recycled every school day at 1:00 PM and placed them in the recycling bins outside. A company called “the Paper Company” picks up the items and in turn, pays for the recycled goods in the form of a small check which is saved for special charity projects by the Council. All of our classes are being extremely cooperative and participate without complaint. We will be offering rewards and incentives to assure that we are consistent with our recycling efforts. We are very proud to be doing this project to help save our Mother Earth from more littering.

Our school has started “The Friends of the Environment Campaign”. Members of this campaign monitor the cleanliness of classrooms, bathrooms and school yards. Furthermore, we have joined the “Emirati Group for the Environment” located in Abu Dhabi. In addition, we have successfully organized a campaign for recycling the printers’ ink cartridges in coordination with the HP Company. Also, our school’s administration keeps enlightening all stakeholders about the importance of preserving Earth’s natural resources through some committees such as the UNESCO committee in coordination with Dewa and Sharjah University. In an attempt to enrich our students’ environmental awareness, we have joined “The Earth’s Friend” group. Therefore, it is our mission to look after our planet and protect it by enlightening our staff members and students about the importance of saving energy. As a result, we hold lectures, competitions and campaigns about saving water and electricity.

Finally, we want to be known as the #1 “Go Green” school in U.A.E.

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