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Reinforcing its commitment to conservation and environment, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) today announced that the forthcoming WETEX 2011 – the B2B exhibition on Water, Energy, Technology and Environment – will introduce SmarTech, a dedicated B2B and B2C segment showcasing energy-efficient and eco-friendly technologies for the first time in the region.

DEWA is inviting companies, including manufacturers, brand owners and dealers, from around the region and beyond to showcase their entire range of energy-efficient household appliances and green building technologies and devices at SmarTech, which is a first-of-its-kind B2B and B2C platform across the Middle East.

WETEX 2011, which marks its 13th edition this year, will be held at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, between March 8 and 10, 2011. The exhibition brings together almost 750 companies from over 30 countries around the globe, including manufacturers, decision-makers, executives and clients, offering opportunities for establishing new alliances and strengthening business ties.

In its new attraction, SmarTech @ WETEX 2011 is expected to display brand owners, manufacturers and resellers of energy-efficient home appliances such as air-conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, water heaters, lighting equipment etc. Products that incorporate water-saving features in line with green building recommendations, such as faucet fittings, water flow reducers, aerators, shower heads, flush tanks, waterless urinals and the like will find a platform to exhibit during SmarTech. In addition to that, plasma television panels, computer monitors etc which reinforce the energy-efficient values, are also likely to be showcased.

As a strategic incentive to the exhibitors, participating brands and products that meet DEWA’s energy-efficiency criteria will also receive from the authority an official note of recommendation.

Apart from exhibiting and interaction with companies from around the globe, the SmarTech platform at WETEX 2011 will also facilitate trade exchange and information-flow through knowledge-transfer presentations, lectures and workshops during the duration of the exhibition.

Announcing this new innovative initiative, HE Saeed Al Tayer, Managing Director and CEO of DEWA, said: “Since its inception, WETEX has taken its pride of place as one of most important global event in the energy sector. The exhibition not only represents technologies, but also adopts and supports the issues and topics in the field of sustainable development and conservation of the environment.”

He added: “This year, we take this concept one step further with a unique innovation – SmarTech @ WETEX 2011. DEWA is committed to sustainability and conservation, evident from our various well-defined ongoing initiatives, and we aim to recognize and offer a global platform to companies who are involved in energy-efficient and eco-friendly technologies.”

During the three-day exhibition, companies, brands and establishments upholding the ‘green’ spirit in their products and services will also be appreciated and recognized for their commitment to sustainability.

In his comments, Abdulla Al Hajiri, Executive Vice-President, Customer Service at DEWA, said: “Conservation of energy and water resources and safeguarding our environment should not be mere wishful thinking, but effective action should be implemented on-ground. It should be the duty of everyone, policy-makers, manufacturers, service providers as well as end-users.

“Reinforcing this commitment, we are happy to introduce SmarTech at WETEX 2011 to give the green and energy-efficient technology a platform to showcase their expertise. We expect companies from around the region and beyond to take this opportunity to present their services and products to a global audience. This is a great opportunity for everyone to reach out.” Al Hajiri added.

As energy-efficient technologies and green goods are sweeping the world over, governments across the globe are continuously crafting legislations to secure the green concept. Above all, the new-age green revolution, the economics and commerce that surround it are quite significant and waiting to be tapped.

“It is well-known that world’s power consumption would double by 2050 and will therefore add more strain on the utilities worldwide, particularly in the Middle East. It is now or never to adopt energy-efficient technology, and SmarTech is a small step in this direction. Understanding the dynamics of green consumerism, DEWA is offering manufacturers, brands and dealers a tactical B2B and B2C platform with SmarTech,” said Amal Koshak, Senior Manager, Demand & Tariff Management.

SmarTech, at WETEX 2011, the first-of-its-kind show in the region, aims to tackle critical issues in energy conservation, water and electricity, including environmental protection and preservation. It attracts companies who are on the lookout for new technologies and solutions in this field. For further information about DEWA and WETEX, please visit www.dewa.gov.ae or www.wetex.ae and for SmarTech visit www.wetex.ae/smartech

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is a local utilities provider responsible for delivering and managing vital electricity and water supply to customers across the Emirate of Dubai. Across all of its operations, DEWA aims to provide the best possible customer services with reliable, clean and safe electricity and water.

DEWA was established in 1992 following the merger of Dubai Electric Company and the Dubai Water Department which had both been operating independently since 1959. Today, DEWA has a workforce of over 8,000 employees each striving to deliver the highest standards of services with consistency and reliability.

In line with its vision, and in keeping pace with international developments in technology, DEWA became one of the first local authorities to be completely e-enabled. Its website reflects the organisation’s ongoing efforts to communicate effectively with its customers and to provide e-Government services and up-to-date information for online users.

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